American Fútbol is an independently produced feature documentary about the soccer cultures of Latin America. 


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Distributed by: Freestyle Digital Media | Release (VOD): March 2019
American Fútbol is an epic 7,000 mile, eight-country that explores the people and culture of Latin America through the lens of soccer. From the game at the US-Mexico Border to blind football in Bogotá to mafia-run clubs in Argentina, the crew unearths stories that transcend the sport itself. 
Ultimately, what begins as a mission to translate the region's passion for the beautiful game for fans back home becomes a timeless lesson in inclusion and diversity.

Directors: Petar Madjarac & Peter Karl
Writer: Peter Karl
Producers: Petar Madjarac, Peter Karl, Sam Mathius, Austin Ahlborg
DP: Austin Ahlborg
Editor: Joe Shahood
Music: Kush Mody
Movie Art by Ben McNamara
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